COVID-19 Indoor Service Guidelines

1) Members and guests will be asked to please wear a mask upon entering and exiting the building. Once you are seated, you are free to remove your mask. If you need to move during the service, please do so with your mask on. Masks will be required for those five and older.
2) During the Sunday morning service, the bathrooms located in the main meeting area will not be open. The larger bathrooms located in the office area will be open, but (as has been the case during our outdoor services) members are still encouraged to try to limit bathroom usage.
3) Initially, we are also asking that masks be worn by the congregation during our time of corporate singing. This is an added measure we will be instituting in light of case studies and research that seem to indicate that singing indoors, unmasked can swiftly spread COVID-19 via microscopic airborne particles known as aerosols. Initially, corporate singing will take place at the end of each service.
4) Initially, there will be no cafe, nursery, or children's ministry on Sunday mornings. It is fine for parents to bring to their seating area blankets and/or strollers for small children (as many have been doing outdoors). The cry room will be open, with limited capacity. We are also looking to make available other open areas where parents can settle crying children.
5) Following the service, members are asked to make their way out of the main meeting area. This is especially important following the first service, as we will be preparing the room for the second service. While indoors, we ask that you wear a mask and remain conscientious of others and their “social interaction” comfort levels. Please remember: Being indoors, we are all responsible to observe the recommended social-distancing guidelines. As weather permits, we would encourage (and it is preferable for) members to engage in more extensive conversation and interaction outdoors (but, here too, please be mindful not to block "traffic areas" [especially after the first service], as members will be both leaving and arriving).
6) We will continue to ask that you not attend a meeting in person if you have had a fever, cold, flu, GI, or any other COVID symptoms within the last 24 hours. Also, if you are under a COVID quarantine, please do not attend.